• There is really only one directory or file in storage, and the link. The space required is not doubled.
  • It is a direct access to a directory or file
  • It can be done to directory and files located on external drives or other partitions
mklink path_simlink_file path_file_real
mklink /D path_simlink_directory path_directory_real

Hard links:

  • The space requirements are double because there are really two files. The original file is duplicated.
  • For files only
  • If the original file is deleted the file on the hard link is not deleted
mklink /H path_hardlink path_file_real


  • Space requirements are not duplicated, since what it does is join two directories as if they were one by combining what they contain both
  • For directories only
  • Junctions can only be queried from the cmd console
  • If a directory is deleted from the junction, the junction is deleted
mklink /J path_directory_1_junction path_directory_2_junction

To consult the existing simlinks, hard links and junctions, execute the following command from the cmd console:

dir /al