To install Windows 10 on a MacBook PRO model A1398 with Intel processor without macOS installed is easily from a USB Flash recovery of a Windows 10, in my case in a Lenovo T470s, generated by the Windows tool of "Create a system repair disk".

This USB Flash plugs into the Mac while it is turned off and the Mac starts with the Windows 10 installation menu appearing from this USB flash. Follow the installation flow.

Then restart Windows and complete Windows updates and different settings. A mac license must be put in, an OEM is not useful for non-Mac computers.

In the case of having devices without a driver, in my case it was the wifi. You must download from Apple Store the BootCamp for the installed version of Windows, copy the removable (it comes zipeado, at least the one I downloaded) of that BootCamp in a USB flash and run the Setup.exe which will do everything necessary. In my case it installed without problems the 5 devices that were missing the driver.